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Beringer 360, Mandarin Version

Beringer 360, English Version

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Lucky Dog 360 © 2017

Lucky Dog 360 Immersive 360 Video Production

This is our first 360 video we created for our client, Treasury Wines. Mark Beringer narrates the video and we set down a nice score for the piece. Our client liked it so much they immediately engaged us to do more immersive 360 videos for some of their other Napa Valley properties. Pretty cool.

To the right of the first video is the same video with a Mandarin speaking actor we hired to do the Mark Beringer voice-over. Turns out that there are a whole lot of folks in China that love great Napa Valley wines just as much as we do, and are experiencing the Beringer 360 video with VR goggles as we speak. 

Check back here soon for more awesome 360 videos. We have several new projects in the pipeline.